In order to create the best green house in your own residential area, appropriate plants for house garden must be chosen correctly and carefully. According to Virginia Cooperative Extension, vegetable gardening in containers is the most viable way for anyone who wants to start a garden but is not blessed with wide or ample spaces.

Having no space for a huge vegetable garden is not really a problem for people who are willing to go into home gardening. If the space available is tiny, you must think of planting fresh and nutritious fruits and vegetables in small containers. Patio’s window sills, balconies and even doorsteps can provide ample space for a productive container garden.

Difficult problems and challenges associated with soil-borne diseases and poor soil can be avoided with container gardening. Vegetables that do not require big spaces such as radishes, lettuce, carrots and crops that bear fruits throughout time can be done through container gardening.

Miniature and small plan varieties can also be planted to avoid taking up too much space. The amount of sunlight is also very necessary when deciding the placement of containers that make up a garden. The provision of reflective materials such as aluminum foil and other materials can also help the plants soak up more lighting.

Small water gardens are also great for balconies and patios as discussed by the AAH Wildlife Waystations: Captivating Containers with Native Plants. Water is a necessary element for house plants to thrive especially in urban and suburban places where there no nearby freshwater sources. A water source must always be very near your garden in order to ensure that the plants enjoy ample and enough water sustenance.

They also listed the perfect and best patio garden plants. These includes vine species such as crossvine, trumpet creeper, American bittersweet, American Wisteria, summer grape, fox grape, winter grape and would be best if planted in small patios with structural support of either a trellis, pergola or arbor.

Woody species such as shrubs and trees are also perfect as patio plants inducing g common witch-hazel, smooth hydrangea, mountain laurel, spicebush, rosebay rhododendron, flowering raspberry and maple leaf viburnum among others.

Ferns and grasses such as Christmas fern, evergreen shield or wood fern, sensitive fern, New York fern, ostrich fern and lady fern along with eastern woodland sedge, blue sedge, Pennsylvania sedge, bottlebrush grass, red fescue and spike wood rush also make as good patio plants. Emergent and submerged aquatic garden species include the arrow arum, arrowhead, lizard’s tail, sweet flag and march hibiscus are perfect for water gardens in the patio.

In order to properly care for a patio garden, the foliage must be washed regularly in order to avoid the accumulation of dirt and dusts. The soil must never be dry so frequent watering is needed to ensure the survival of plants. The plants must also be treated with fertilizer regularly to assure their healthy and steady growth.

According to an article by the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources from the University of Hawaii at Manoa titled Enhancing Your Lanai, Balcony or Patio with Container Plants, although a patio or an apartment balcony is usually not viable for plants and most especially gardens due to the winds drying and dehydrating the foliage and the sun heating he plants, it is still possible to make a patio garden.

With the right plant selection and proper maintenance, patio gardens can still thrive to become remarkably beautiful and pleasant gardens. Patio plants can be grown in either small or large pots and the pots’ material can range from ceramic, plastic, clay or cement. The small amount of space necessary in making patio gardens are perfect for creative and innovative plant arrangements that will make it more pleasing to the eyes and more relaxing.

Apartments can be quite stressful especially if they are located in cramped cities filled with commercial building and other various commercial establishments but with the help of small patio gardens, you can relax and unwind at the comforts and vicinity of your own home.

There are lots of tips for container gardening in patios. The tallest plants must be placed at the back and shorter plants must be placed in front. Proper arrangement is very important to make the patio garden more presentable. Despite being easy to start and establish, container and patio gardens are more difficult to maintain since the plants are displayed, it is necessary to groom them from time to time.

Container gardening has come through different changes throughout the years but it still remains to be one of the most efficient ways to relax at home and at the same time help the environment in little but sure ways.

Indeed, there is no reason for the very willing soul not to create venture into the cultivation of plants for house garden.

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