According to Solutions for Living of the University of Wyoming Extension, Tools for the Enabled Garden, one of America’s most favorite leisure and outdoor activity is gardening. A recent survey conducted by the National Gardening Association, a total of 91 million, 28 million of those are over the age of 55 are involved in lawn or home gardening activities. Majority of gardeners from all walks of life and from all ages believe that gardening is beneficial for the mind, body and soul. Gardening can also be beneficial for the body to improve strength and flexibility. Through gardening, mental and psychological; health can be improved through connecting with nature. Souls and spirits are rejuvenated through the quiet and silence of gardening. For anyone who are currently experiencing physical symptoms and incapacities, gardening can be quite a challenge, yet it can also be fulfilling in the end.

It also detailed various tips in starting a mini-garden. In overcoming limitations, with regards to gardening, you must know your limits and be fully aware of any physical, mental or psychological issues that may harm you. Furthermore, the body must not be strained. Gardening is one of the most fulfilling and effective forms of exercise but as with any activity, you must not abuse your body for fear of worse problems and complications. You must also use user-friendly tools that are easy and convenient to use. For example, long-handled tools are preferred to avoid stooping positions that may cause back pain. Correct posture must also be practiced and enable your stronger and larger joints to do the work, changing positions is also advised in order to avoid joint and muscle pains later on. You must also take frequent breaks, stand up, look at the whole of your work and appreciate the progress in your garden, this will also serve as a motivation to continue working.

First time garden enthusiasts usually find looking for viable garden containers a problem. But with a creative innovative and relentless mind, there are lots of ways and means to be tried and tested.

One option is to use tiered boxers and planters, these innovative ideas are perfect for space-saving and better access. It also has a very beautiful and one of a kind design.

Vertical or hanging gardens are also another good way to utilize and maximize space. Aside from that, it is also a very pleasant way to arrange plants of different varieties, colors, weight and length. For the gardener, it reduces the exhausting strain of having to bend low and makes bland walls, trellises and fences an exciting sight to behold.

Old bathtubs may also be used as mini gardens, it is perfect for either an indoor or outdoor decoration and burst of freshness and foliage. Recycled garden pots such as old pails and shoes can also be used, imagination is the limit. A hanging basket with pully is very convenient especially when watering the plants. It also holds a great amount. Model garden containers and elevated beds are also great options.

There are also lots of options and ideas for hanging garden tools and many of them you can even do yourself. Since gardening is a physically straining activity, the best tools should be utilized for convenience.

Anyone who has experienced physical challenges and difficulties during gardening know that it is indeed a very difficult activity. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to address various difficulties. To choose the best tool, you must make sure that it is appropriate and accurate to your body’s needs.

Tools such as ergonomic garden tools, pistol grip tools are easier to hold. Long -handled tools and easy-grip long-reach tools reduce the need for bending and stooping low. Cordless garden tools which are run by batteries are also very convenient to avid muscle strain.

Safety and comfort should also be kept in mind when gardening, as Solutions for Living said,

Gardening is indeed a very pleasurable leisure activity. It promotes and allows your body to experience various beneficial physical activities such as muscle mobility, flexibility and motor skills that are necessary to improve muscle strength, capacity and overall body wellness. Nevertheless, it is very important not to abuse your body and do things that can bring more harm than good, you must always know your limits and remember to take breaks between activities.

Even little kids can come onboard with mini-gardening by making terrariums. A terrarium is a small glass container that can be a home for plants and become a miniature garden. The only materials needed are a clear glass container, rocks, activated charcoal to filter water and prevent the growth of fungi, potting soil, a variety of small plants, moss, decorative rocks and pebbles and any other decors accordingly.

In this day and age, it is essential to be innovative and resourceful and making a mini garden will surely be worth your time and efforts.